Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Humpday Update

So it's the middle of the week and I've officially been on Nutrisystem for 3 days. I want to gouge my eyes out and eat them. Honestly, I'm not sure that I've ever been on a diet as terrible as this one. Sadly, I'm not sure that I'll be able to continue on with it. This blows because I had such high hopes for it. 

It is, however, obscenely convenient. It's supremely easy to follow - if only it didn't leave me so damn hungry I could gnaw my own arm off. And to be completely honest, the little food you do get to eat is disgusting. Granted, I was not expecting gourmet meals or anything, but seriously this stuff is damn near inedible. But I expected this. Not for the food to be as barf-worthy as it is, but still. That wasn't the deal-breaker though. 

The deal-breaker for me comes from the fact that this food simply does not agree with me. I'm not sure what ingredient they pack into this food, but I'm intolerant of it. Add to this that you also have to eat dairy (I'm lactose intolerant) and this has made me a very unhappy girl. Had I known all this before hand, I never would have ordered it in the first place. 

But that's neither here nor there, I've ordered it and the deed is done. I'm going to hold out for as long as I can, but I can hear Weight Watchers calling my name already. My original plan was to get myself acclimated to this diet the first week and start C25K the next week. I'm still planning on C25K next week, but I'm not sure where I'll be with Nutrisystem. 

Wish me luck!


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