Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Slipped Disc Debacle

So I've been down since Valentine's day. Yes, my bloody back decided to throw a bitch-fit on the most romantic and loving holiday of the year. The first year in forever that I might have had a valentine to share it with. That's what I get for trying to make plans - life just laughs in my face! C'est la vie . . .

However, the good thing about being down is that it has allowed me to catch up on my shows (and read a couple of fantastic books)! And my nails and hair have never looked better. I've learned new braiding techniques and read all my favorite blogs. I've researched new products and I've got a shopping list a mile long! My dog is sufficiently more spoiled and I'm going out of my mind.

Now if only I could walk without looking like an 80 year old grandmother. I am slowly getting better though. Let's just hope it happens before I die from lack of human contact with the outside world. Oh, how I miss my friends and being able to put my pants on without wanting to cry! Looks like I might be wearing dresses for a while.

In other news, because of my back issues, I've had to take a break from the C25K training. I'm itching to get well and back into the groove of things that I had going before. I will probably be taking it pretty easy for a while and my doctor has mentioned to work with yoga or Pilates to help strengthen my lower back. I'm looking forward to that. And I've also been pondering the idea of investing in a fluidity bar. Ballet stretches are supposed to be amazing for the back. 

As for the Nutrisystem diet, I managed to last a week. It just wasn't right for me. I've given the rest of my product to my best friend and am hoping the best for her. I'll try to update her progress with her consent, of course. Instead, I'm going to start Weight Watchers as soon as I'm off the steroids my doctor has given me. Bloating and sodium retention does not make weight-loss easier, that's for sure.

I'm going to try to venture out in the world tomorrow. And to make a trip Ulta. What's better motivation than a new lip gloss and nail polish?! I can't think of one! I'm also in the process of researching male skincare. I just need a guinea pig to allow me to design a skincare routine for him. I have a few chaps in mind. I'm sure it'll come as quite a shock when I ask them to go along with my plans for the sake of research for my blog (that they likely have no idea exists). Here's hoping I've got some open-minded male friends!

Wish me luck and a quick recovery, readers! I could really use the positive and uplifting vibes!!


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