Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nostalgic Morning Music!

This morning I had an interesting and entertaining text conversation about vivid dreams with a good girlfriend of mine. I can't help but believe that this start has set the tone for my day. I've been abundantly happy and bubbly - possibly even a little giggly. Hmm, perhaps I'm a touch sleep deprived? Regardless, as I popped my happy ass in the car to grab some grub this morning (yes, fast food. don't judge! i've said my new new year starts tomorrow) I turn on some tunes only to find:

I cannot begin to describe the joy this gave me. I'm sure passers-by had quite the show as they watched me unabashedly shake my ass to this song in my car. Betwixt the dancing there can be no doubt that my face held a gloriously cheesy smile as I basked in the memories of my childhood spent in the roller rink on skates. As the song was ending and just before the depression of seeing a familiar and warm childhood memory melt away kicked in the beginning chords of this next song kicked in.

I couldn't believe it! How lucky could one girl get? If you're anything like me, when I have the radio on I'll stop searching when I hear one good song and then groan loudly as some crap disguising itself as music comes on next. It's an endlessly frustrating cycle. I damn near worship the fact that I have an AUX input in my car. Unfortunately, my cable has a short in it. Hence the radio tunes. I digress.

Third Eye Blind takes me back to my earliest years in undergrad. And yes, I realize the song was released in 1997, but I was too young then to fully enjoy the meaning. My group of friends had dubbed this song as "ours". It spoke to us on the level that we were all young kids born in the mid to late 80s (just beginning our love affair with seedy bars and alcohol), most of whom had previous experience in recreational experimentation (to put it politely), missing 90s music. There was that and the fact that I had been in love with Stephan Jenkins since the band released their first album. Back when I had no idea what the song actually meant. Who cares? I still love this song and I rocked it like no other this morning - there's no room for shame in my game! 

An atrocious commercial about a dating website came on after Mr. Jenkins and I promptly changed the station only to hear the sweet, sweet sound of Sublime. 


Another fantastic song from 1997 - Damn, that was a good music year - that I couldn't appreciate until later in life. I discovered Sublime in high school and this song particularly takes me back to good times and memories of great friends! It's really such a shame that Bradley Nowell overdosed in '96. He was such a great talent. It makes me especially sad when I think of some of the stuff that passes for decent music now. That's neither here nor there, though! Obviously, I had a great morning filled with lovely music from my younger years and felt like sharing! Do you have any particular songs that just take you back to your childhood and adolescence?


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